Hooray for Alternatives

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I’ve been getting bit a bit by anxiety and insomnia the last couple of nights, and then I topped it off last night by forgetting to take my meds until Z reminded me that I’d forgotten. Whups. Thankfully, the bed in the guest bedroom is a magic fixative for me when I’m in dire straights. The room is the coldest upstairs for one, which is a huge thing with helping me get snoozy. Another is that the bed itself is soft and ancient and sagging, and that is very soothing when my back is playing up. I am hoping that last night was enough to get me back in order, but I guess we’ll see.

Really though, confetti, survived the first day of the holiday with everyone alive and fed. Smallhausen is going to work with Z tomorrow//to get her hair cut, so it will be a ‘normal’ Tuesday. Except it’s the first work day of April for me, which means I will be running in circles trying to get normal things done, and get stuck into the workload that the March year end accounts gives me. Having said that, it should be fun, ha ha. Yes, I said fun — I like the challenge of trying to get through gluts in a fast and efficient manner. Of course, that’s if insomnia and brain fog can be slammed back enough to be productive… fingers crossed, etc.

Tangentially, socks. I noticed earlier today that one of my socks had a few holes in it, which fucks with my senses and is distressing. But chronic fatigue said, ‘Well hey, instead of finding some socks with no holes, why don’t you darn the sock because that means you don’t have to get up’. So I actually sat down and sewed the fucker up because my brain couldn’t comprehend turning my chair around and grabbing some clean socks out of the basket where they have accumulated. *doinks brain* Really though, executive dysfunction leads to some random-ass happenings.

Right, we’re watching Robot Wars, so I am going to get back to that.


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