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I’m in the boring sewing-up stage of having made a toy. I’ve got the head and body joined, and one of the legs attached; the other is pinned on so I have a vague idea of where to place it. It will still probably take me a couple of tries because this is absolutely not my forte, but I want to make this one a bit nicer than my usual efforts. Why? Because it’s for me, ha ha. Not that I try to fob half-assed stuff off on anyone, but ‘good enough’ is a mantra I apply to toy-making because it helps me fight against my latent perfectionism.

So of course, I was knitting last night instead of sewing. I didn’t have enough stuffing in my bag to continue progress on the toy, so I was starting in on my next big project (being yet another top for me). I’m excited about that, but still want to make myself mainly put it off until I finish what’s already before me. It’s hard sometimes though, ha ha. Y’all know that I struggle with being a one at a time knitter… like all knitters… yeah. *laughs*

Today was the last day of school for the year. As much as the girls love school, they look forward to ‘being able to do whatever we like’ for a few weeks. Fine by me — don’t set the house on fire, don’t get in my hair too much, and we’ll get on well. Well. I will want to play with and cuddle ’em and crap, but it doesn’t change the fact that I still have to work most days. We’ll hopefully plan a few family outings, and hopefully, I can wrangle the car a couple of days and get Z to go into the office with his father (not that FiL goes in much; he’s starting to get the hang of the ‘mainly retired’ thing finally).

I should probably like, find some ice cream, and do more sewing. Ta ra!


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