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I had, some time back, bought some of those ergonomic crochet hooks. I realised today that using my old cheap and cheerfuls is a much more functional and edifying experience when doing hearts than the fancy ones did. I mean, ‘fancy’ — like pretty much all crochet hooks, they weren’t terribly expensive. I guess I just like the OG grip… Read more »


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I had an order come in today, and then couldn’t find the product in question. So I’m making up one right now; hopefully that will make the missing pot of markers show up. Plus, I’ve had an itch to make some markers, so this scratches it nicely. Today on the whole… definitely awesome. The A/C is installed and working, and… Read more »

Sweet Sweet

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I’d gone upstairs because I had wanted to paint my nails, which multiple cats demanded attention. I managed to snap this picture before Vivi noticed the phone and got all up in his own face, because goober. But really, they’re goodum boys and girl, and I love them well. I also love that the a/c is installed! It’s not operational… Read more »

Not So Smol

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Z spotted Raven crammed under the footstool. He’s getting a bit too big to fit in there, but it’s still cute to see kittenish things. They are definitely getting more bigger and heavier, but still. Baaaaaabies. And while she isn’t their biggest fan, the advent of the kittens has been good for her. She’s slimmed down a bit because she’s… Read more »


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The A/C lads came and got stuck in this morning… only for us to realise they’d been sent with the wrong bits. They got the unit they brought up on the wall, then we realised it was much weaker than the one we were supposed to be getting. So I’ve got some tidy holes to admire until they come back… Read more »


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A/C guys started work today, and had a really good first day. The three upstairs units are all in situ, and there’s this artful tumble of wires waiting to be hooked up tomorrow. The downstairs unit also needs installing, which hopefully won’t shift me from my desk space for too long. If it does, it does — it will be… Read more »


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I must say, it feels nice to get back to doing some cross-stitch after having a break. I haven’t decided what my next ‘big’ flag is going to be, so I’m enjoying doing a round of smolhearts to get me back into it. Of course, that requires washing and pressing and framing lots of tiny things… but that’s for future… Read more »

Too Sweet

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Raven has taken to napping on the couch a bit this week, which is sweet. He’s always super chill about me tucking him in, blankets or shirts or towels, whatever happens to be chilling in the environs. Kept myself more or less together today. My head feels heavy, and maybe it’s a headache? It’s really hard to tell, and I… Read more »

Uh, So

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Last night, I got -extra- murdered by the vertigo. Z had to call 111 for advice, and honestly, it was probably borderline as to whether or not we called 999 for an ambulance crew. But it started to push back a bit with Z’s tender ministrations, and I was able to go to bed instead of another session curled up… Read more »