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A/C guys started work today, and had a really good first day. The three upstairs units are all in situ, and there’s this artful tumble of wires waiting to be hooked up tomorrow. The downstairs unit also needs installing, which hopefully won’t shift me from my desk space for too long. If it does, it does — it will be whatever it is.

Besides, I did a Science™Â® on my smols. I’ve confirmed that 12×12 is the max size heart that fits properly in the leetle hoop, so I’ve changed a lot of the patterns to take advantage of it. If I have to tuck myself up elsewhere for a bit, that gives me things to do! Woo!

Or I can go take a bath, vertigo permitting, ha ha. I’ve been holding up okay, though I’m obviously still rather concerned about it all. I had my referral booking letter come in today, and yeah… June 2023 is the answer. I’m hoping that the answer is as simple as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. The out of hours doctor and other 111 staff were satisfied that it -is- inner ear rather than a brain issue, and BPPV is something that I can literally shake out (‘shake’ — the Epley Manoeuvre is a pretty gentle shifting of the head). Still, gonna keep chucking things at it and hope that helps as well.

*yawns* Right, gonna go… something something.


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