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I had, some time back, bought some of those ergonomic crochet hooks. I realised today that using my old cheap and cheerfuls is a much more functional and edifying experience when doing hearts than the fancy ones did. I mean, ‘fancy’ — like pretty much all crochet hooks, they weren’t terribly expensive. I guess I just like the OG grip and slide that aluminium brings.

Past that, not a lot. Had an order go out. Had to pack up my postage to ship back to Royal Mail; everything ‘definitive’ has to be swapped out for the new stamps with QR codes on. It’s at no cost, but we definitely had to stop and count through a few times just to be 100% we had totted it up correctly. Thankfully, the main stamps that I use right now I already have with the QR codes on, so it doesn’t stress me out to wait for replacements.

Anyhoos, back to hearting it up.


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