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Closer and

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Poison still growls and asserts dominance over the boys, and they respond appropriately in kind. But they also try their luck a bit more, which makes Poison hit this adorable note between trying to growl at them, and meow at us about the indignity. Still, she’s developing tolerance, slowly; it helps that the boys continue to try and engage. Maybe… Read more »

Sweet Jealousy

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Both of the boys realised that the slope and shape of Z’s torso when he’s sitting on the couch is awesome for snuggles. I’m pleased for Z, but also super jealous — where’s my love? *laughs* But naw, I do love it, and I am permitted by cat in situ to add to the pet quotient. Plus, I make the… Read more »


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We’ve hit the high today, 99F, and now it’s on the way down. Tomorrow is still predicted to get up to 104-105F, which. Redonk. The air conditioning has done its job and kept the house admirably comfortable, for which I am grateful. Not up to much of anything today, besides staying still and in the cool. <3

Back Around

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I’ve cast off on a new pair of socks; it feels like forever since I’ve done a sock. So that’s nice; what would be nicer would be Vivi not stealing my yarn, so I don’t have to hide it every night. Which I’m rubbish at, so often wake up to find that Smalls or Z have unwound it from my… Read more »

That’ll Do

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As a side effect of feeling a bit more human, I decided I was gonna buckle down and get my area tidied up. I’m pleased, and only the faintest whiffs of dizziness around the edge. Last thing that I need to do is run the vacuum around, but yeah. Party! I’ve also picked the next knitting-ma-bob — socks, big surprise…. Read more »

Just Once

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For the first time in two and a half years, I conceded to having a meal out. It was nice, though I can’t see myself doing it again for a couple more years as the whole Covid thing stands. I’m probably cursed to get it again, ’cause I touched the neighbour’s other kid today, ha ha. But otherwise, it’s the… Read more »

Taking Stock

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I’ve managed to do some decent price restock of dice, and maaaybe I’ve gone slight over the top? Maybe. *laughs* I need to count and see what I have, and figure out if there’s anything I need to get more of. I commented to Z that there’s a pack I order occasionally from Amazon that I need to get again,… Read more »

Back to

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The first ever picture I saw of Raven and Vivi on the Stray Cat Rescue Facebook page had the two of them similarly in an office chair. So when I came down at noon and saw them thusly, it certainly plucked the heartstrings. 😀 And yes, noon. I had, apparently, turned my alarm off, and Z decided he was going… Read more »


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Vivi was panting a little this morning, so I’ve been making sure to check on him over the day to make sure his breathing is okay. So of course, I just combed the house twice, got Z to join me… for Z to spot him standing in the window behind me with a ‘Oh hey, sup’ expression. I startled him… Read more »

The Rudest

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So like, was off to a really good start this morning. Actually washed my hair, other bits of personal grooming, etc, felt on top of things. So of course, had a middday vertigo attack. Rude? The rudest. Z tended to me well, and instead of taking 4-8 hours to pass, we had it more or less licked in just over… Read more »