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Coming Out

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The new furkids continue adjusting apace. They’ve spent today napping under the brown couch by me, which is easy to reach under and give them tiny pets. I’ve managed to pick up both of them for little snuggles today, so it’s all progress. I’m keeping their foster mum in the loop, and she gave me a massive compliment in saying… Read more »


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Yes, had to go out of doors into the evil sunshine thing. *hisses softly* My little Etsy sell is doing well! I plan on extending it to the end of May because of the Etsy Strike next week, which I am absolutely taking part in. I’m fortunate enough that my Etsy selling is hobbyist rather than my primary income, but… Read more »

Adjustment Period

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The kittens are home, and slightly shy. Raven (we’re probably keeping that name) has come out and is chilling in my environs. Denver, who we are thinking we’re going to rename Vivi, has been a bit shyer. He’s come out a bit, like to get a bit of water, but he’s not quite ready to take in all the changes…. Read more »

Our Boys

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We received the most excellent news this morning — we’ve been picked to adopt Denver and Raven (name changes pending acquaintanceship). We’re picking them up tomorrow morning, and I’m just. A welter of feelings, good and sad. I continue to miss and mourn Batman, and probably will for some time yet. But I’m so happy that we are getting a chance… Read more »

Shrinky Dink

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So tiny! So smol! I’m having to Science™® to see what the biggest flag size is that I can get on the tiny hoop. 13 wide seems to be the limit, and definitely stretching it based on science so far. Still, I’m impressed by how much flag I can get into a little space. 😀 Home visit call went well;… Read more »

But Soft

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I’ve been on the lookout for some time now for kittens at any of the local rescues. I spotted a pair this morning, and whelp, that ball is rolling. Not for us to be handed kittens, not yet — there are hoops to be jumped through to prove that we’re a good home and a good fit. We’ve made it… Read more »

Mucking Along

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I had a little lie-in this morning, ’cause I could. The downside of that? It was closer to lunch by the time I had my breakfast, and I was very snappish. I apologised to Z by way of silliness: Me: Is your wife being cranky and it wasn’t your fault? You may be entitled to compensation! I told him I’d… Read more »

Full of Stars

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Z decided to treat himself to some DJ/disco toys. He’s retired from professional DJing, but he still likes to do a bit of it at home. So yes, shiny lights! And he’s not shown the kids yet, but he also got a small smoke machine. I told him that if they weren’t impressed, we’d need to trade them in for… Read more »