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We had our gardener around today. He was going to hit us up a few minutes at a time between other gigs in passing, but he surprised me by sticking around for a couple of hours and getting the worst of it (the patio) sorted. He’s pencilled in to come in tomorrow and sort out the grass half of things…. Read more »

Round and Round

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Not up to particularly much today. Been doing a bit of crochet, and a bit of chatting in the Etsy Strike Discord. I’m proud of myself — they put out a call for more mods, and I slapped my hand before anyone else could. *chuckles* It seems a weird space for me to just sort of like, socially sprawl out… Read more »

Rural Sprawl

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Just got back in from an afternoon snacking at Mum’s house. I’ve got that combined feeling of having eaten too much, but also still sort of hungry. It’s weird, but whatever. Spent all my time there, when not sprawling and zoning out, working on adding more listings on my off-Etsy shop effort. I’ve got the important pride stuff up, the… Read more »

Stealth Napping

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We were taking stock of where all the cats were. Poison and Raven were blatantly on the couch, but where was our Vivi? In the window absorbing sunlight, of course. Z made a point to go outside to take this picture, because it’s ridiculously cute. Cats aside, been working my butt off today getting a not-Etsy store set up. It… Read more »

Ballerina Flowered

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I wandered into Mum’s garden to take some pictures, because the tulips were in the corner of my eye. So instead, I’m posting pictures of the Ballerina apple tree, because I made it that far down the garden and yanno, it’s pretty. It’s been rather warm today. I commented to Mum that it was warm enough that even the kittens… Read more »

Master of Cushions

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Z and I decided it had been ages since we’d gotten new throw cushions, so we’re opting for a full swap-out. These are narrower, so will hopefully not get knocked off the back of the sofa as easily. Which is to say, hopefully will prevent a kitten or two being flipped across the room, ha ha. We’ll see. For now,… Read more »

All Kittens, All the Time

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Yeah, not bored of sharing pictures of my cats. Not sure I ever will be, mwuhahaha. But really, how can you resist kittens napping under a blanket? Hearteyes, and then some. Nothing much past that. Dice shopping, trying to restock some colours. Trying to set up an online shop aside from my Etsy shop. I don’t know that I am… Read more »


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I mean, there’s no real thing as *actual* kittenproofing, but isn’t it convenient that I made a blanket ages ago that is long enough to cover the seat of the brown couch. They weren’t claw-clawing it per se, but I kept catching Vivi kneading at it enough for me to think covering it might be wise. They have, knock on… Read more »

Sweet Sweet

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Vivi has spent quite a lot of time on my person today. He curled up on me for more than an hour earlier, and he’s remounted me as of the last 10 minutes. I have to keep at least one hand on him because he gets happy and tries to roll… and I don’t have room for that. We’ll figure… Read more »

Brimful of Kitten

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The BBs have done a lot of their napping out in the open today. Earlier, Raven was on my table at the back, and Vivi on the boxes underneath. It’s the sunny side of the house during the morning, so they were having a nice absorb. Vivi is currently napping there on the cat tree, while Raven is under the… Read more »