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Yes, had to go out of doors into the evil sunshine thing. *hisses softly* My little Etsy sell is doing well! I plan on extending it to the end of May because of the Etsy Strike next week, which I am absolutely taking part in. I’m fortunate enough that my Etsy selling is hobbyist rather than my primary income, but we all suffer from draconian fee rises and idiot programs like the Star Selller program. But anyways.

Furkids are continuing to slowly make their way around the lounge. I managed to scoop Raven up for a wee snuggle before dinner, but leaving him be to chill out in the front window with Vivi. I just want to rub my face on their tiny tums! I’ve managed it with Raven yesterday, but Vivi is very not ready to be touched. Which is fine — we’ll just play with them and love them from a wee distance.

What else… accidentally uncovered a search term on eBay that’ll make it easier for me to get dice in the right colours. Excite? A bit. *laughs* My wallet, less excite, but ah well.

Right, should go do other things. Holla.


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