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We received the most excellent news this morning — we’ve been picked to adopt Denver and Raven (name changes pending acquaintanceship). We’re picking them up tomorrow morning, and I’m just. A welter of feelings, good and sad. I continue to miss and mourn Batman, and probably will for some time yet. But I’m so happy that we are getting a chance to raise two fine young gentleman from their early days (they’re about 3 months old), and through the rest of their days. They have had an excellent start, and that’s a nice bonus; Batman and Poison was a bit skitterish and wary and possibly abused, and they turned out okay. I look forward to getting to know them, and to get all the snuggles.

But yes, it was super nice to know that the rescue workers had a good feeling about us as a match. I had told Z I wouldn’t pursue kittens until I felt it was the right time, and there was something about these two that called to me. Every detail I’ve heard since we started this process the other day (so quick, so yay!) that convinced me this was meant to be. Plus, the two rescue workers I talked to were nice ladies, and I told them that I would be happy to contribute crafts to their fundraising stalls if I can. I’ve got a big bag of crochet squares that I was honest!, going to make a blanket out of that I’m potentially donating to be made into smaller blankets for the rescue cats. I am definitely making one to put in our carrier.

*claps hands* Right! Stuff! Things!


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