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Smalls came in from playing out with their friends, and promptly told us that they dropped their phone. It um… yeah, we think one of their friends also ran over it on a scooter, and it’s absolutely unusable. We were gentle and calm, and thanked them for telling us immediately. Obvs, the rush of the fact hitting combined with just… general raft of emotions. I gave them hugs, and made sure they knew that all emotions were valid and that we were proud of them for being brave enough to tell us straightaway. We gave them my old phone to use for the time being, because an accident like this doesn’t call for punishment. The question instead is whether they get their Christmas present of a new phone early. They’ve already had their birthday present early, so idk. We’ll have to talk with them, and with Mum.

But yeah… it’s hard being a kid, and kids do stupid shit. Did I say I was proud of them? Bears repeating.

Past that, just the usual work and yarn and gaming and stuff that’s been going on. I’ve more or less found my stride in our new management program, so that’s pleasing. The toe of the new sock is growing nicely, and I’m already in love with how it’s knitting up (gin fizz being the colourway). If bat finds wool they like for the pair I’m gonna make them, I’ll probably put them to the side because friend! sock! yay! Well, batfriend, at least. I don’t make socks for sale, and I don’t make them for just anyone. bat is a fun challenge because it has to be an appropriately blended laceweight, and I haven’t found any patterns, which means having to make something up. which is fine! I can do that. I’ve done enough socks, and socks-by-formula to be able to manage.

*claps* Right, gotta get childing the younger to bed.


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  1. Nox

    Hehe, and this is why we have some pretty solid cases on our phones all around. I drop my phone ALL the time. I mean ALL the time. I’ve only busted the screen once, and that was because I switched to a flip case with a magnetic latch that apparently sucked as it flopped open and landed screen side down right on top of a rock! My current case has a plastic film overlay on top of the case that is molded into the case because I had the phone a few days and dropped it just right and cracked the glass screen protector I had, so the case wasn’t doing enough protecting. Like I said. I drop my phone ALL the time. (even more so than my kids!)


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