Can’t Help It

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Apparently, it’s The Law™® that I always have a sock on the go, or nearly on the go. My hands kept twitching to the point where I decided okay fiiiine, I’ll start doing the gauging. I’m not sure why I bother the half-assed job I do of gauging each time I start a pair of socks, but anyways. I guess it’s knowing that I made that much more effort than most people I know. *chuckles*

Z called one of the local air conditioner installers earlier; they’re going to come by later this week to assess and quote. We’re not going anywhere, so why not spend the money to keep the house comfortable during the worst of the summer. I know, adds to the problem, but at least we can aim to try to have comfortable bedrooms during the worst of the summer heat in future years. We’ll continue to do our best to limit usage (which is why it’s not on right now, with the humidity making it borderline gross)… anyways.

Time for dinner.


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