Best Boy

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While it would offend his dignity to the core to admit it, Batman loves it when I scoop him up like this. Like, going kind of limp, purring and so on. He lets me know when he’s ready to go, and I put him down. He tolerated it for a few minutes, long enough for Z to get some quality photos of his cuteness.

Smalls was in a much better mood by the time they got home from summer camp. They were finding my old phone more than satisfactory for their use. They’re due a new one for Christmas, and was prepared to take the hit of having no big presents for that time of year, but thinks the one I gave them will see them to then. And if not, Z has already found a good priced replacement. He pointed out that Smalls does have a few pennies in the cash monies fund, if they wanted to go sooner. We’ll see.

Right, I am falling asleep on myself, so I’mma scoot.


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