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I have to say, I’m very pleased with my progress so far. As of this moment, I’m averaging a bit below 30 rows a day. Each row is 60 stitches, so we’re talking 1,800~ stitches a day. I’m hoping I can keep this sort of progress up, ’cause yanno, superstar *jazz hands*

Most of my progress so far comes from dropping in unexpectedly on Mum. I’d commented to Z that I wanted to go around and hang out for a bit when he took her groceries, but he needed to be back quickly to set up Smaller’s playdate. Then he thought — why don’t yanno, I take the groceries over. So I did! And I’m feeling a bit happy-high for not having to share Mum’s attention with the rest of the fam, ha ha. We had a nice chat, she mulled further on joining me in scarf making, and yeah. I know that technically I can go over whenever I want as much as I want, but still. Between my natural introversion and not wanting to be up in her face too much… anyways. I probably should try to make going over happen more.

Anyhoos! Dinner time.


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