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My tinsel is starting to get longish, y’all. I love it. I’ve not noticed many more strands springing up over the past however long, but yanno… just a matter of time.

Today saw me starting in learning new work stuff. We’re transitioning from one set of software to another, and that requires lots of data transfer. So I told Z this morning it made the most sense for me to help him with that for the moment, since otherwise I’d not really have much to do. I’m hoping that I can get a lot of our blocks moved over this week… we’ll see.

Oh, and I did a thing that made me feel peak adulting — I filed a lost parcel claim with Royal Mail.. *laughs* I had an order that should have made it stateside like, two months ago. Myself and the person ordering were really patient and waited ages, just in case… nah. So sent the replacement this morning, paid the extra for the tracking, and hopefully I get most of the money back for the lost order in the next couple of months. If not… at least I tried.

Right, gonna go eat mah dinner.


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