He Doth Protest Too Much

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Oh hey, guess what? You get an extra picture today — y’all deserve it. xD I’d flopped Batman into my lap on his back, which he… likes? Tolerates? As y’all can see, he let me hold his little pawhands, and didn’t panic on me. I did flip him rightwise and let him go when it was clear he wanted to be the right way up… but yeah. I love inverse lapcat.

Today has been alright! Work got done, ran some rifts — I’ve already got half the rows I wanted to get done today done. I’m pleased to find that 30 rows a day is a pretty accomplishable goal. It’ll still take a month to get it done at that rate, but that’s probably faster than I thought I’d get it done either. Don’t know. Didn’t think too much about it in advance. I DO think about it now, because I’m tempted to make another if there’s interest. £150 is absolutely a generous price and I well underestimated my labour time, but that’s fine. I’m aware that there’s a balance that has to be struck between properly paying oneself and being affordable, and that seems like a reasonable meeting in the middle.

*claps hands* Right! Gonna go digest dinner, and try to get some more rows knocked out.


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