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I was rather bemused when I spotted this daffodil on my walk earlier. It looked almost as if it had been pressed in a book, rather than trampled by passersby. I mean, maybe it had? I didn’t spot any other daffodils in close proximity, though they *are* a bit all over this time of year. Who knows.

Been an alright bank holiday day overall. Managed a bit of D3 with Z and Smaller. Also managed to kill two seasonal Hardcore BBs within half an hour. I’m amused ’cause I got clever with the naming, taking a derivative from the Russian adjective hard. So Truda, became Trudka, became Trudika. So far, Trudika is still alive, so maybe I’ll actually manage a seasonal Hardcore bb through to level 70. I’m just glad I’m challenging myself.

Right, I’m late to bed, so… yanno… night, etc.


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