Jelly Babies, Anyone?

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Okay so like, realtalk. I don’t take knitting commissions. I did one, and I decided to let the purchaser decide to top up above a very very very nominal fee, and got like, pretty much nothing. So when a friend messaged me the other day asking if I’d consider this… well, it was one of the very few people on this earth that I trust to actually be willing to pay a fair price, so. APPARENTLY I am making the 12″ Dr Who scarf, specifically, this one. There were several different versions across the show, but this one matches the pattern from the BBC. I’m actually sort of looking forward to it? I’d done my yarn research before sending my quote, so it was easy to whack it all in a basket and order it. That’ll be here sometime next week, and then… we’ll see. Z says that he has to come pick it up himself though, ’cause we’ve not seen him in years. *laughs* Covid willing, there is the back garden under the weeds and random crap.

Past that, a bit of D3 with the fam. Smaller is… well, she is her age and not the best at following instructions. Hilariously enough, she’s got a bit of oh-KAY teen at this, which probably should be annoying, but is mainly charming. It doesn’t help that I’m running her and her father on a higher difficulty than is normally their jam, but I wanted to try and level them up meaningfully. I did suggest that she try running a few things on her own to get a bit more comfort in it, but anyways.

Right, back to killing demons and making earrings.


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