Lil Friends

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Spring is sneakin’ up in the grass with these little beauties. I haven’t seen them in the grass around my house before, so yanno, woo? Woo.

Also woo — four day weekend! I’ve got stuff to make, things to yarn, games to play. Smaller really wants to play some Diablo 3 with me. I am going to suggest to her that we do it tomorrow, since I am in the middle of doing things on the Hardcore bb and not wanting to stop in the middle of a round of bounties. My bb is a Crusader, which is blessedly less fragile than not, but slooow at killing the things. I look forward to having set armour whenever that happens. I’m currently level 66, so hopefully I can start pulling some off of Kadala or rifts or whatever.

What else… oh. Apparently, we’re getting £500 for the government out of the blue. So like, me getting a new pc is probably a sooner thing now. I’ve got £800 in my personal stash, and Z suggested we could top that up to value from the extra in the holiday fund, so. Yeah. Excite much? A bit. I am not in a super rush either, ’cause while slow, my existing PC is still functional. But it’s probably coming up on 9 years old, maybe more, maybe less. After all, the 11th gen Intel processors *just* came out, and I might see how long I can resist shininess to be able to include that as a consideration. 😀

Right, I’mma scoot. Laters!


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