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Not really much going on today. My head hurts and my eyes are telling me I should rest them… but let’s face it, I’m shite at that. I should probably like, make a slight effort… and maybe take some pain meds, ’cause the headache level of things is pretty high.

But hey, it also distracts from those stupid things known as feelings. I got slammed with a wave of missing someone dear to me to a redonk degree, and like… stupid normal people feelings, grump. Then I got mad ’cause I was feeling sad about it, but I’m still sad, so. *jazz hands* I mean, it’s fine, really. I -am- glad that I have done enough work on myself to be able to safely feel these things, and to tell people when I am dealing with it.

But eh. So it goes. And yeah, gonna chuck some pain meds at this headache, holla.


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