Breaking Blah

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I got it in my head earlier that I wanted to make a set of stitch markers. Set made… but can’t confirm if they’re going to work for the needle size I was hoping. Turns out I don’t have any 19mm needles, somehow. And ordering a pair costs a few pennies… but ordering a random-ass dowel is definitely cheap. So I’ll have the answer to that at some point in the future. *laughs* I also managed to break several nails, and donate a random hunk of skin off the top of one knuckle to the ??? deities. I don’t know how I did it, just that it happened, so. It’s fine though, these things happen.

And hey, it’s Friday! Weekend!! Last weekend before the kids are back in school!!! I have decidedly mixed feelings about their return to meatspace education, but also… we both need a break, Z especially. He’s not really had once since… Christmas 2019? So he’s planning on taking a few days off next week, which I (and everyone) wholly support.

*yawns* Right. Gonna take my night meds and see if I can make more progress on my cross-stitch.


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