Old Friends

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Z has been playing some Torchlight III recently, which has made me get the itch for some Diablo. It took like, a week of being tempted before I dived in, but it’s always such a fun grind once I do. Smaller saw me playing and said that she wanted to as well, so Z is currently making sure it’s installed to the Playstation 4, which is set up in the study. So win win? Yes, probably. Smaller really loves Minecraft Dungeons, and it is sort of the same sort of game, so. 😀

Past that, not a lot of anything. Just like, kill all the monsters, think about doing some crafting, not quite getting around to some serious crafting. I made a few stitch markers for the bonus goodies in an Etsy order, but otherwise. But s’fine, really.

Right, back to gaming, and looking forward to a bit of child-free space tomorrow.


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