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Getting Springy

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Spring is official; I have switched my ceiling fan from suck to blow. I’m enjoying the breeze, and combined with keeping the windows cracked to get air moving, it’s fairly fresh-feeling in here. And, drumroll — it’s a four day weekend! AAAAH! Like, one could argue that we’ve been at home for weeks so it’s no different, but Z and… Read more »


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I had another Etsy order roll in — yay. The downside? I can’t find the thing the person wanted to buy… whups. Luckily, I have the mats to make a set to mail out tomorrow, but I’m still sheepish because that’s not usually the case. But it’s fine, it’s fine. Tomorrow is plenty soon enough. For now, we’re celebrating Rex… Read more »

Sitting Shoes

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Like my shoes? Z and the girls got them for me a few months ago. The problem is that they are sliiiiiightly too big, and are rather stiff plastic on the outside, so I haven’t broken them in properly yet. I think I have some moleskin in one of my drawers, so I might try padding the heels a wee… Read more »


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I made myself go spend time in the back garden with the fam this afternoon. I’m starting to feel a wee bit stir-crazy. Like, I’m not, but I am? There’s a small degree of anxiety bubbling through my attempts to keep brain, body, and soul intact. I don’t know that I feel particularly better for going outside, but at least… Read more »

Making Progress

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It’s the little things that kill, they say. And it’s the little things that save by the same logic. I’ve got the stitch markers reinspected and photographed, which is yay. I haven’t decided how I am going to list them yet though. Ideally, I’ll make more rings with the bead colours that I plan on using as the overarching theme…… Read more »


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My area is starting to feel back to where it should be; I’ve restocked the little crochet heart hangers I make as freebies for Etsy orders. It’s a silly little thing, but it makes me feel like I’m a bit more organised. Feeling a bit more organised is nice. Past that… we’ve made it through another week of quarantine in… Read more »


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I had yet another Etsy order for earrings… that makes the third in a bit over a week. I’m not complaining; I’m happy to get orders, and to have an excuse to get out of the house for a few minutes. It was lovely out today, and yanno, plants. Seeing plants. That’s pleasant. Plus, got a tiny bit of social… Read more »


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I’d ordered another nail polish organiser to try and help me cope with all the stuff I’ve bought recently. The big one is 100% a-england, while the smaller one is a few a-englands that didn’t fit, and everything else with space all to itself. Now I’ve got to reorganise the cupboard, because I had to pull out a stack of… Read more »