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Fiddly Strikes

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I had a generous Etsy order come in overnight, and apparently my brain has decided that I need to redo everything that is in the order. Sigh. *chuckles ruefully* It’s not that the ones I was replacing were broken or unable to function, just… bothered more than usual by surface blemishes that are hard to avoid when working on such… Read more »

The Drama That Is Life

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Z and I were trying to refill the printer cartridges today… which… did not work. We now know a looot more about the ins and outs of HP printer cartridges, and have more or less given up and let them win. We’ve signed up to their HP Instant Ink scheme for now, but really. Legal action has existed against HP… Read more »

Rivian Flower-Picking

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I had started playing Venetica in my quest to find a new game to play. It took me a few days, but then I realised… why am I not playing The Witcher 3?! So I’m playing that now, ha ha. And in the finest fashion of all open world RPGs, I’m picking ALL THE FLOWERS, because they’ll be useful (if I can… Read more »

Oddly Knackered

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I don’t know if there’s a reason behind it, but I am feeling especially wiped out today. I mean, it’s always a crapshoot with chronic fatigue, but still. At least the need to pop to the postbox means that I got a bit of sun and fresh air, so like… good job, human-shaped houseplant with anxieties? xD It’s otherwise been… Read more »

In Bloom

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As y’all miiiight’ve picked up, I like taking pictures of all the pretty flowers I see when walking around the village. I crossed the road especially to get a photo, ’cause they had caught my eye for the first time. I’m always impressed that things on the same old walk can be new to the view. Keeps life interesting, I… Read more »


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Okay, so there isn’t anything particularly rural about our scruffy back garden, but we are in the countryside and it was pleasant out, so yanno, calling it. *chuckles* I’d missed out being outside with the fam the last couple of days for reasons, but it does a soul good to see cute kids playing. Also good for the soul is a… Read more »

On the Way

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I had another Etsy order to run down to the postbox this morning; it was a friend ordering a pressie for a family member of theirs. So that was nice, ’cause it got me out of the house, and netted the girls some fruit. We finally have a grocery delivery coming in this week, so it’s been good that we’ve… Read more »


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Yus, I am working on the heel flap of the sock, woo hoo, etc. Ideally, I’ll get that and the turn done today, but we’ll see. I’ve also got quality gaming to do, ha ha. And I still have to tend a bit to yesterday’s gastrodrama. It’s mainly fine, but still there. At least it hasn’t stopped me from eating… Read more »


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I’m having a moment of ironic lulz today. Coronavirus isn’t stomach flu, so my guts have apparently rebelled and joined Camp Gastrodrama. ¬¬  I’m feeling gross, but I’m still gonna try to eat and keep drinking. Having said that, there’s a large level of wanting to crawl into bed and hoping I can sleep it off. I mean, most of… Read more »

Vitamin D

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If there’s one good thing amongst the bad, it’s that we’re spending a lot more time in the back garden. Bonus, the neighbours are too, so we’re chatting a lot more. We did an hour last night after the Clap for Carers at eight, and I didn’t really keep tabs on how long we were talking to the sir of… Read more »