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I had another Etsy order roll in — yay. The downside? I can’t find the thing the person wanted to buy… whups. Luckily, I have the mats to make a set to mail out tomorrow, but I’m still sheepish because that’s not usually the case. But it’s fine, it’s fine. Tomorrow is plenty soon enough.

For now, we’re celebrating Rex Manning Day by watching Empire Records. And by that, I mean we just finished watching it. So that was nice. It’s been a fairly satisfactory day work-wise… really, the only issue is the pain that comes from spending too much time with other people. We had to talk to Smalls because she was making constant noise in such a way that my anxiety was causing me physical pain. Her bestie was sitting in front of his fishtank, and like… it kept making this awful echoing squawking noise? She’s a good kid, and she came and apologised after Z did the first round of explaining. I gave her a cuddle and we discussed it together. I think pointing out that it takes me hours to come down from it really sort of made the point. I told her that I’m not mad at her per se, but that we all need to be mindful of the fact we’re all in the same space, and that yeah… if I ask her to be quiet, I’m not trying to be mean — I’m trying to keep myself together so that I can take care of myself and be of use to the rest of the fam.

Right, time to go take care of cat litter, and tucking a grumpy Littler in bed. She got to stay up late ’cause we were watching a movie, and she’s cross at me that I made her stop in the middle of whatever video she was watching.


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