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I made myself go spend time in the back garden with the fam this afternoon. I’m starting to feel a wee bit stir-crazy. Like, I’m not, but I am? There’s a small degree of anxiety bubbling through my attempts to keep brain, body, and soul intact. I don’t know that I feel particularly better for going outside, but at least I got to watch the girls have fun, and chat a bit with the neighbour (to include seeing their super-cute baby!).

What I am finding strange is that the thing that seems to soothe my anxiety the best right now is making stitch markers. Like, I’ve made a lot lately, and I don’t really want to make more… but I expect that I will if it keeps anxiety at bay. I’m happy with the ones I’ve listed in the past week, and will probably extend on those ‘ranges’.. It’s not going to cause any harm or take up significant space, so. We’ll see.

For now, gonna knit and mull.


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