School Daze

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I know it’s early days yet… yanno, only being the second day of isolation, but so far, so good? Smalls was helping out Z by reading with Smaller, which was super cute. And like, she is 500% more patient than I’d be… I’m… not very patient when it comes to teaching. I’ll help out where I can in making sure they do their schoolwork, but I know that I’m last in the list when it comes to being ‘right’ for it. Not beating myself up by any stretch — just accepting that I might have to push myself to do a bit better.

On the whole, it’s been a good day. I’ve got laundry going, the sun has been shining, and I’ve got new nail polish on my hands. Said hands are being crafty with the stitch marker-making still, and wee bits of knitting. I really should do more knitting, but for some reason, the stitch marker making has been really good, fussy fun.

Right, gonna go do… something something. Stay safe, y’all.


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