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Where I have meant to be knitting, I’ve been making stitch markers. These rings are kind of on the soft side, so I have to manipulate them completely by hand. I might’ve said that already, I don’t know. *chuckles* But also, I’m enjoying seeing what colour combinations I can make happen based on what beads get along with what rings. I think I’m just going to make a bunch of random sets and list them… I don’t know, individually? As lucky dip? I’ll figure it out when I get to that part of things.

Beyond that, we’ve survived the first day of ‘proper’ quarantine, more or less. Smaller will really need to take it to heart that we can’t stop every two seconds to look at what she’s doing in Minecraft; the world might have slowed down, but our job continues unaffected. Well. The office is officially closed, but we can all work remotely, a fact the so-called IT guy seems to forget. Co-workers popped in to get the emergency phone for their turn with it, and commented that he was in office helping the up abovers (our office is in the basement) get set up. Because yanno, nobody was using the remote before, honest. ¬¬ But anyways! We’re good, we are. We can work from home. We’re still gonna get paid as normal. As terrible as the entire situation is worldwide, we’re about as unaffected as it’s possible to be. So I’m doing my best to be positive, until it’s time to not be.

Right, the buffoon running our nation is giving a speech in a few minutes, so hi, bye, gonna go watch that.


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