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I keep making stitch markers — send hjalp. *laughs* I was gonna photograph the ones I’d made already, but I decided against it since the sun had left my side of the house. I don’t *need* it, but in my head, having a bit of natural light to backlight potentially makes for better photos. I hope. I love my fancy AF camera, but I’m still learning how to use it good.

Past that, it’s been generically a day for me. I’ve done work, I’ve had a nice long soak, and even helped the littlest with her daily math assignment. Z had… an adventure. The surgery didn’t have most of the things we’d ordered in spite of ordering last week, so he had to go find a pharmacy that had things in stock. Thankfully, the one by our old place had most of it, and what they won’t have in until next week? I’ve already got a smidge extra to work with, so having to wait isn’t dire. Most importantly, the thing Mum needed was there, so even if she doesn’t need it this very second, she’s super relieved to know that it’s safely to hand.

Right, gonna go try to make myself stop making stitch markers, and work on my sock. It’s coming along when I remember to work on it! xD


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