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The paint I ordered came in last night, so I got the painting done this morning. I put two coats on, then affixed some white wooden hearts. They are currently stashed under a piece of kitchen towel in a (mainly) out of sight location, after which I’ll shove the candy in and hide them again. I hope that the girls appreciate the surprise.

Work was good today, good enough that I cut out early to have a soak. I’ve got to chase some things up tomorrow with the peeps in the office, but for the most part, I’m on top of where things should be properly. It’s a good feeling.

Right, back to games and knitting. The current hat is coming along nicely, in spite of my reservations about it being too small. Of course, the first couple inches is rib, so of course it’s going to seem like it’s not matching the gauge. I’ll have to check it again properly once the stockinette body is a bit longer, but I am feeling mainly reassured that it’s going to match my calculations.


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