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While Frostpunk is good fun and I recommend it, I needed to go do something else for a bit. So I’m checking out Verdant Skies, aka ‘Flower Collector Simulator‘. But I kid. Slightly. There’s more to it than that, but I’m still in early days, and rounding up flowers is cheap and easy. Still, the days fly by, and best? The game is so effortlessly diverse. Like, it seemed cute and interesting, and then it just kept getting better in regards to the world’s population.

In meatspace, we’re trying to knuckle down on the afternoon/evening schedule a bit. We’re trying to encourage Smaller to go to bed a bit earlier, which she is amenable to. It also means we can let Smalls stay up a wee bit later, which she is very amenable to, ha ha. That means making sure that dinner is properly early, so it’s coming up to 5:20 and I’m starting to eat. I’m out tonight, so if I get hit in the hungries, I can always treat myself to some wings or something at the pub.



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