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I finished Z’s hat this morning, just in time to send him out into cold and miserable weather. And delivered during the day was a skein of wool I ordered to make another hat, ha ha. This one is for a friend, and hopefully will come as a surprise. I don’t know how much progress I’ll make tonight, but I’ll give it a good go.

Otherwise, it’s been work and looking out the window. Z had commented that one of our contractors had reported snowfall the other side of the ridgeway… which means we weren’t going to get anything, but I was still looking. We haven’t had any snow this season at all, and I am itching for a good fall.

Right. Dinner. Z is trying to firm up it being earlier rather than later, so we can get Smaller into bed a smidge earlier. She’s been really worn down this week and has a bit of a cough, but is mainly in good spirits. I think having next week off for half-term will do her well.


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