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It’s Texas hot here right now, and supposed to stay this way for the next couple of days. Z’s parents invited us around for lunch, which was lovely in spite of me sweating heavily the entire time. *chuckles*

Having said that, it’s always gonna be nicer outside (unless you have a/c, which we do and is running, hallelujah), so I decided to go pad around out back. Mum has a HUGE garden, and she keeps it beautiful. So it was nice to go look at her roses, and to feel warm grass on my bare feet. Considering that ‘back home’ in Texas I’d do the same on asphalt like some sort of weirdo, grass is muuuch tamer, ha ha. It was nice, put a smile on my face and all of that.

Smile now is, of course, ’cause in the conditioned air at my command centre. It’s been really surprising to me how quickly I feel unborked just by being home in my own space. Like, my feet aren’t hurting any more for getting to rest, and my flexibility is returning. Being in the whole late 30s territory and disabled AF, I’m super grateful when my body remembers that it has some good points in spite of the World’s Laziest Mitochondria™®.

Right, gonna go zone out and stuff.


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