Signs of Home

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After a fairly short trip home… well, we’re home. *laughs* I actually ended up napping off and on for the two hours, because I couldn’t keep my eyes propped up. I sort of fully came back to when I realised that we were like, ten minutes out. Which enabled me to get a photo of the last motorway roundabout before ours, with its delightful sculpture in the middle.

It turns out that the neighbour’s missing cat was, indeed, in our garden. Catdad hopped our fence to retrieve her, which I’m 500% behind. I’ve told him in the past half-jokingly that he could hop over our fence anytime to use our trampoline; rescuing the cat definitely trumps that. I’m glad they felt comfortable doing it, really, because yanno, we weren’t here to check. Catmom isn’t home from work yet, but I’ll probably make a point to pop out and say hi when I hear her pull up.

Otherwise, it’s kind of squishy hot, so doing my best to not move. The new Diablo 3 season launched while I was away, so I’ve rolled up a Necromancer and gotten stuck in to running bounties. I should try to buckle down and work on my knitting as well, but we’ll see. Mainly, I’d like to finish this blanket before the neighbours have their baby, and all I know off-hand is that they’re due in September… which is almost here. Still, I’ve made awesome progress for something I started like, a week ago, so.

Off to all of that.


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