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Tonight, she is the last night on holiday. It’s been fun, but I’m super ultra ready to be at home. A part of that is the whole vacation is fun, but home is home, and another part of it is the fact that I was feeling very worried we had a curse situation going. Our neighbour passed away while we were on holiday last year… so imagine my holy fuck not again when Z pointed out that our neighbour (same house) had made a post on Nextdoor that her elderly cat was missing. The good news is that the cat turned up, and I’m pretty sure she had to be hiding in our back garden. I dropped neighbour a line sending our relief that Stormy was okay, and let her know that we’d be back tomorrow. She knew we were out of town anyways, but doesn’t hurt to touch base, especially after a scare like that. The cat in question is, as said, elderly, and she’s also a very sweet and gentle lady. I don’t know any of them very well yet, but I would be super upset if something happened.

For now, I need to try to think about what I can pack tonight, so that I’m not quite as cram-in-baggy tomorrow. I might wait until we put the girls to bed momentarily, if only so that I have less things around me to think about. Of course, reminds me I need to get them ready for bed, so. I’ll go do that now.


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