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I started my day by getting bathing out of the way. Bathing is very spoon-intensive and annoying to have to do, but man… clean hair is one of the best feelings in the world, especially if I’ve not been up to doing it for however long.

Of course, I had the spur of seeing the doctor tomorrow. I always try my best to be tidy and well presented in the hopes of getting taken more seriously. I also drag Z along, because I always get a much better quality of service/actually taken seriously with him backing me up. It shouldn’t have to be that way, but it works for me, and he’s happy to do it. Fingers crossed, I’ll have some good news to report (which is to say, they agree to actually look at my reproductive system and scoop it out, or something like that xD).

Anyhoos, gonna go make a start on grinding up one of Z’s PC Diablo seasonal characters so he can help me out when I need it. He’s doing his own dip into the season on PS4, as that is his preferred place to do it. I can’t blame him really; while I am a devout PC gamer, I can absolutely see the appeal of being able to do it with a controller. There is third-party software that enables controller use on PC, but Blizzard… really, they massively fail on accessibility as far as I can tell. It SHOULD be a native option, you know?


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