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Grinding Sort of Day

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I have been making things for next weekend pretty much all day to the exclusion of pretty much everything else. It’s included a degree of experimentation, some of which has led to exceedingly pleasing results. One bit had to do with bending a headpin around so I could use it to do multiple danglies. I’m about to attach beads to… Read more »

Not an Actual Cat

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One of the local roundabouts has a metal cat in its centre. I fail at attempting to get a picture of it pretty much every time I go passed; the only really decent shots are on approach, and often I don’t get my phone out quick enough. I can’t claim this is the highest quality shot, but it suffices to… Read more »


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I am feeling especially cute today. Cat ears aside, I love my candy corn countess shirt to bits. Add in surviving another day of half-term and it being Friday, and I’m very yessssssssssss. Z and Smalls aren’t back yet, but the verdict is in — Smalls is joining the glasses brigade. She picked out some adorable frames that, ngl, are… Read more »

The Full Complement

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As of today, Z and I both have a full complement of remotes. I’d commented yesterday of my annoyance that I didn’t have one for the soundbar (the smallest one), so a few pounds later, voila. Z was amused, since the ‘everybody knows’ is that there’s the fighting for the remotes, which… naw. We have two sets on the cheap… Read more »


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Today was the last day of school before half-term. Today was also rife with headaches and various quease feelings. I’m hoping my body is trying to get over being sick before I have to tend to the girls for the next week and a half, ha ha. I don’t relish being sick and taking care of the girls, or worse,… Read more »

Open Roads

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Z and I headed off early this morning to do another round of couch investigation… so early. I’d only had my first round of caffeine early, ha ha. But it ended up being a worthwhile trip, and we ended up with another contender for purchasing. I think it might be *the* one, but we need to discuss it after thinking… Read more »

Okay, Sure

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Batman has been super needy lately. We’re not sure why, but we’re doing our best to up his cuddle quota. This is the first time he’s hopped up on the back of my current chair, and yes, it was his roundabout way of eventually trying to get into my lap. I gave him a good cuddle, because he was obviously… Read more »

Um, Whups

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I ended up running my hand knits through the washer and dryer… and accidentally included this particular garment. To say it’s a bit mangled and shrunk is understating the case, ha ha. I’ve managed to stretch some of it back out, but I think that the proper treatment is going to be to reblock it… and make sure my dumbass… Read more »

Butt Testing, Redux

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We went down to the retail park today to sit on more sofas. We didn’t find ‘the one’, but we got more data in general to aid us in our quest to find the right sofa. At current, the winner continues to be one we saw at the first shop, but we haven’t discussed what our plans are for the… Read more »

That One Spot

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I’d gone upstairs to go to bed last night, when I found Batman curled up like this. On like, the two inches of sheet that was exposed at the side of the bed. Cat, you do not belong on the sheet. Still, I was amused enough to snap this picture, then run down to show Z before getting myself tucked… Read more »