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Emergency Poppies

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E messaged me last night and asked if I could help crank out some last minute poppies. J had asked for some for the Cubs to use… tonight. So like, I think it was 25 he needed. By tonight. That… that’s not going to happen, ha ha. I’m still trying to make a few before we got out tonight… though… Read more »

Cheerfully Dishevelled

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I am currently in that content state that comes from being in comfortable clothing and comfortable surroundings, built atop a nice full belly. While it was a bit warmer today, it’s cooling off nicely, and I’m in that state where I’m neither too warm, nor too cool. In short, is good, yes yes. I had a wee moment earlier when… Read more »

Waiting for Collection

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Our bin collection day was yesterday… it was not collected. It still hasn’t been collected, but at least it’s our street and not just us. Z and I suspect that a truck broke down yesterday and that they are making up the village as they can atop their normal routes, but we’ll see what happens. And Z might be able… Read more »

Maximum Chill

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Today was a delightful day off. I curled up under my blanket and avoiding movement, and even got a bit of knitting done (as well as reading through my most recent issue of my knitting magazine). It amuses me to realise how cold 20C (68F) is without the brunt of summer to back it up, but I’m not complaining. I… Read more »

Sleepy Family Sort of Day

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Today has been an excellently sleepy sort of day. I got whacked with a wave of it this morning due the the perfect balance of warmth from the radiators against ambient cold, though I managed to keep my head up somehow. Like, it wasn’t making me sleepy per se, but it was that sort of perfect temperature that makes the… Read more »

Couch Trip

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Today was a day for extended, studious sitting. Which is to say, we went to check out potential new sofas. Z was relieved that we found anything that potentially met our remit; even in a dedicated homeware store, there was a dearth of four-seater sofas. There were only two that we generally liked, but we’re not in a rush either…. Read more »

Do Not Be Alarmed

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I’m not alarmed, honest. I just… was making a face for some reason. *chuckles* I try to take at least one picture of myself every day for the sake of it. Whether or not I use it is dependant on whether or not I found something actually interesting (I totally think I am interesting, but like, sometimes I actually leave… Read more »

Sad Girl with Cake

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Littler was feeling a bit grumpy when she got home. She decided that her sister running off for the front door was offensive today, even though it isn’t most days. Oh well. *chuckles* But she wanted me to take a picture of herself with the cake that she made at school, so I obliged. The first couple were very sad,… Read more »


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Today has been one of those heavy brain fog days. I was amused that snapping a random selfie was able to exemplify the way I was feeling so well, ha ha. I’ve been in good spirits though, so can’t complain too much. And I was able to work-work, albeit veeeery slowly. Still, slowly is much better than not at all,… Read more »

Past the Mission

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Well, not so much a mission as a long-established church that has been around for centuries… but I like that song, so. I was down in the churchyard, because the school does most of their harvest celebrations down there. It was your standard, mainly benign school show, though I did turn my nose up at one of the older classes’… Read more »