Not an Actual Cat

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One of the local roundabouts has a metal cat in its centre. I fail at attempting to get a picture of it pretty much every time I go passed; the only really decent shots are on approach, and often I don’t get my phone out quick enough. I can’t claim this is the highest quality shot, but it suffices to show it off, more or less.

And why was I going past it? We were heading back to the furniture shop to meet Z’s parents. The tl;dr is they thought we picked a good couch, they paid for said couch, and we should have it in December. Bonus: we ‘saved’ enough because of buying it during the birthday sale that Mum also authorised us to get a matching ottoman. Z and I are looking forward to using the internal storage as a safe place for game controllers and headsets, as well as the fact that it will take the seating accommodations on that half of the room from 3 (current couch) to six. It’s gonna be awesome.

Speaking of awesome, my friend Jezebelle is awesome. My in-laws really aren’t available next weekend, so I asked her if her offer of coming to do the fair with me was still open. It was. Because she’s awesome, and willing to put up with me being potentially panicked and neurotic. It’s also enabled me to calm down enough to make a few more things. I’ve got another four sets of amethyst-based earrings made, and I ended up redoing the malachite ones to something nicer looking. I’ve also made a set of crochet markers with supplies I picked up a few weeks ago from a friend’s house, and plan on making a few more sets of crochet markers to flesh out that ‘side’ of things. The set I’ve made is really pretty, but I’ve not come up with a name yet. Hopefully something will come to mind.



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