Okay, Sure

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Batman has been super needy lately. We’re not sure why, but we’re doing our best to up his cuddle quota. This is the first time he’s hopped up on the back of my current chair, and yes, it was his roundabout way of eventually trying to get into my lap. I gave him a good cuddle, because he was obviously in ‘Mommy I’m cold, and it’s your fault somehow’ mode. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.

I’ve had a productive day… which means I’ve done three things. I’ve done a rough reblocking of the shirt that I put through the wash, and I think it’s just about salvaged. I finally sat down and tidied up my financial spreadsheet for my Etsy shop; it wasn’t like it was hard, just slightly fussy. And, bestest of all — I did the draw for the 200 followers giveaway for my page. I was super happy that the RNG spat up a friend, and a friend who was already a customer. I’d’ve been happy for anyone winning and actually claiming a prize, but a friend who is supporting me already? Double eff yeah! I think she was planning on adding a few purchases to her goodies, so I made her a free shipping code to go with that.

For now, I’mma mull on the logistics of doing a craft faire later this month, and otherwise zone out. Dord!


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