Do Not Open ‘Til Christmas

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Well, okay, I guess I have to peel myself out of my blanket sooner than that, but I don’t wanna. The week is over, the workday is over, and I just want to veg. I did thank the girls for a mainly good week; I’m really proud of both of them for independently spearheading crafting projects. Even if it was just colouring or crafting jokes, it’s still pleasing in this modern world of tech (which, I admit, I probably set a terrible example with my Technonest).

But yeah, it’s been both a long and a short week. I’ve also made sure to tell the girls that I’ve enjoyed spending it with them — because I have, even if we’ve not done anything particularly epic. It’ll be nice to get back to normal next week, but I have to admit I was dreading this half-term for no particular reason. I guess I expected them to be a bit more demanding? But nah, they were chill, I was chill. It probably could not have gone better on the whole.

I know it’s only been a few days, but I am guardedly pleased at how my shelving is helping me keep my desk space organised. I need to move it to the next stage, which is getting the chair we moved in here from the kitchen for a party back; it sitting here next to me means it’s a magnet for me to hang my stuff on. I keep telling myself I could get a coatrack and that it would look cool, but like… I don’t *need* one, and I need to get the little shopping mad part of me to sit on her backside and chill. Mind, I haven’t spent much money or bought that many things, but that’s because I sit really hard on myself. It was different when I was single, but yanno, a family budget is a different thing. Having said that, I cleared the shelving unit with Z before buying it, and he’s not going to begrudge me restocking my Carmex supplies (and I told him after I bought it anyways).

Neurodivergent brains… so much fun having one sometimes. ¬¬

Right, I think I’ll stop there for tonight.


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