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I figured I was overdue in showing a progress picture, so here you go. I’m only a few rows to go before I’m done doing the decreases on this side of the neck/shoulder, and then it’s just straight pattern until I hit the right number of rows completed (275; I’m currently about to start row 237). It should be pretty quick to knock out though, considering that it’s only 25 stitches on the rows between row 242 and 275, and then doing the other shoulder/side of the neck.

As an addendum to yesterday’s ‘I shouldn’t buy anything else’, I bought this today. I’d gotten an email saying they were closing down… turns out they’re just moving to a new location, but they’re still having a sale nonetheless. I was curious to see if it could squish my tum in enough to push me into the not looking pregnant by default bracket for those times I want to dress up a bit, or if it could potentially help me try to get the stupid muscles to reknit. Plus also, because I wanted it and it’s cute. The real question becomes how fussy the eye latches are… I’ll let y’all know, ha ha.

I also did some science on another potential purchase; I went over to my in-law’s house with Z to pick the girls up from their play time there. Mum has coloured pencils and does a bit of the ‘adult’ colouring, so Z wanted me to check out what she had and play with it. The tl;dr is that I can just about use them without hissing like a snake, though I did once or twice before I could stop myself.

It was also nice to touch base with Mum. She’s been worried about getting around after she had a tumble last year. I pointed out that if she wanted a short, relatively safe walk, she could come around to mine to visit. If anything happened between A and B, it’s still a short enough distance for my crippled butt to help out. I was pleased that she took it on board. Really though, she’s welcome to drop in anytime, and she has higher getting out of the house social needs than I do. I’m happy to see her, and I don’t see her enough since we moved into the village a couple of years back. I guess we’ll see if anything comes of it… I hope something does. 🙂

For now, gonna go back to gaming, knitting, and reminding myself it’s not Sunday night.


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