Table for Four

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Today is Z’s birthday. We opted to do a family lunch, which was the first time we’d done one since we were on vacation a few years back. The food was excellent, the girls well behaved, and we’re in agreement that we should all do it again in the near future. We had fun quizzing Littler on shapes and counting, and I taught Smaller how to do her 11 times table for a bit of fun. She still needs to work on her normal times tables, but I figured this would be a neat trick for her to show her teacher next week.

There is knitting tonight, but I am currently undecided as to whether or not I’m going to go. For one, E can’t make it. For two, I can’t exactly claim to be feeling up to peopling; the idea of staying at home and not moving is kind of winning the war. And by winning the war, I mean I just realised that I’d have to leave in less than an hour, and my brain says a very firm nope. So, who knows. *shrug*

For now, gonna get my Sims on, and see if more caffeine helps any of the ick feels go away.


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