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I am currently curled up in ‘my’ chair nest at Z’s parents’ house. They have put out a lovely spread, and I have been doing my best to make it disappear since getting here a couple of hours ago. It’s the perfect sort of fooding situation for trying to hurry up this half-assed healing thing my body is attempting. I’m taking ages to get to sleep, and I don’t know how restful it’s been, but at least it’s putting in fuel in a slightly more measured fashion.

But yes, mah nest. Between the table they bought me and nicking Z’s dad’s remote stand, I’ve got a great setup going. My only complaint is that I am being unkind to my posture — but that’s on me rather than anything else. I even amused myself by laying myself at a weird flattish angle across the chair while playing some Diablo III (though I’ve switched out of that since we’ll be packing up and going home soon). I did a couple of rounds of bounties, and plan on doing a few rifts once we’re home. I might even break in and do my first greater rift! 😀

For now, I will get back to chatting with Z and his parents.


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