Wet Wet Wet

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Today’s picture is actually from yesterday, but it works the same today. It’s been raining and gross, and hooray for not having to be out in it. The forecasters seem to be suggesting that it’s going to stay this sort of nasty for the next couple of weeks… sigh. I cannot decide if it’s better because somewhat less dangerous, or if I should be annoyed that the predicted UberWinter™® doesn’t yet look forthcoming.

Today is the girls’ last day before school starts up again. They have done a spectacular job of doing nothing. Littler is curled up with her tablet on the couch (thankfully not too upset for being woken up by Z from an impromptu nap), while Smalls is the other side of me on her brand new birthday laptop. We’ve had some good giggles and cuddles, which pleases me. I cannot say at this exact second that I am going to miss having them around tomorrow, but I’m sure by next week it’ll hit me that I’m legit all alone during the days. Which is mainly awesome, ’cause I’m a super introvert and that helps me stay sane, but I do like spending time with my kids.

In gaming, I beat Diablo III in less than a day. I have finally broken the back of my OCD in regards to this game; my brain very firmly insisted that I must map out every tine cranny of every map, never mind it wasn’t gonna get saved between sessions. I’m getting through dungeons faster, and the kinds of treasure I’m getting are more satisfying, since I’m spending less time on normal mobs.

I guess that’s about it for tonight. 🙂


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