Another Year

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And today marks another year gone by in the life of my eldest. She has had an awesome day, with presents, cake, butts, and a playdate with her bestie. Top that off with spending the night at her grandparent’s, and well. I’m sure that she’ll still be buzzing when we go over for lunch tomorrow//to pick her up.

I’m unbuzzing, ’cause I’m full of curry. When discussing dinner options with Z, I suggested that we order something in. The place we ordered from we’d not had before… it was okay. My bhuna was too tomato-y, but not horrible either. Z pointed out fairly that New Year’s Eve isn’t going to be the best representation of what a takeaway has to offer, which, fair.

Still, I can’t complain. There’s food in my belly, happy children, and I even made a few rows of progress in my knitting. I’ve also done a few rifts and bounties in Diablo III, which had a random and welcome trip to Whimsydale. Really though, I don’t know why I didn’t switch to adventure mode sooner. It’s suiting my play ‘needs’ much better than the story mode.

Right, back to watching the Robot Wars Christmas special. It’s been well good, and I would recommend anyone liking some robot-based carnage check it out.


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