Diablo and Chill

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Today, I am continuing in the glorious vein known as playing Diablo III, and working on my knitting. I decided to switch to Adventure mode for my play today, in part because it’s more bite sized, and in part because I am trying to break myself of an old must-do from my Diablo II days. See, I used to ‘need’ to complete the maps in full. That doesn’t work so well in D3, because it being completely online means each time you’re booted or restart, the map respawns anew. It’s a stupid thing,  but it made it that much harder for me to love on it… yay, OCD.

We are also finishing our Harry Potter re-watch today. Between that and reading lots of wiki articles, and the amount of time since the last movie came out… I think I’m almost ready to finally tackle the books, ha ha. I don’t know that I will support anything new from here on out because Ms. Rowling thinks it okay to have a trashpile like Depp in her movies, but at least I can try to enjoy the original seven books//eight movies now that the most rabid of my friends aren’t quite so rabid. *chuckles* Well. Rabid is a mean word… enthusiastic? I dig liking something enough to be enthusiastic about it, but it really stressed me out to be near while it was fresh.

I’ve also been playing with stitch markers. I had smaller crimp beads come in a few days ago, and this morning brought me a second pair of round nose pliers. I’m feeling a bit more optimistic about how the fine wire ones are coming out… but I look forward to seeing what sort of results I get with the fancier stuff.

For now, back to all of that.


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