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Today, Z and I finally were able to sit down and wrap the girls’ Christmas presents. He took them over to his parent’s house for a bit of a play, and we got stuck in. Smalls declared the amount to be satisfactory when she got back… the butt. *chuckles*

I’m feeling a fair bit better today. I did end up taking some paracetamol in the past hour or two for my head, but the stomach is mainly okay, and the head could be a lot worse. So yanno, celebrate the improvement, etc. I think that everyone is still on the road to healed up though. Good thing we have the time to rest.

I wanted to play with making stitch markers today, but it’s not gone that well all told. The wire I bought ages ago is really much too thin for it; Googling finally suggested that I get some tiger tail wire. I also ordered smaller crimping beads and tubes to see if that might help me get some better results. I’m having fun poking at it though, and that’s the main thing for the moment.

Right, better wrap this up. *rimshot*


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