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It’s the last workday of the year, yay! And with that came a final divvy of presents from our various contractors. Since neither Z nor myself drink, we ended up with a choice selection of candy and biscuits (cookies for the non-Brits). I claimed the jellies for my own because I love jelly candy, while Z has made sure to tell me not to eat all the choccies in the bigger box because he wants to try some. Yes… I’ll share… honest.


I managed to get out last night somehow, which was good. I felt horrible all day yesterday, and have been feeling just as bad, if not worse today. I’ve definitely been snappish and relying on Smallhausen to help me take care of her sister. Still, I managed some work. I managed to get all of our assorted nails painted; even if my children aren’t girly girls, they both share my passion for painted nails. Both of them had their own opinions on what colours they wanted, so we all have our own thing going.

Speaking of own things going, my leg is currently host to the bony butt of Littler. I had her Flight Rising account up on my laptop, and she decided she wanted to take care of her dragons. And by ‘take care’, I mean ‘definitively learn how to use a mouse to battle monsters in The Coliseum’. I’d ground her dragons up to level nine and then parked her in the level one zone, so it’s not like it’s too challenging for her. I’m really impressed at her willingness to dive into such things head first though.

I guess that’s about it for now. In-laws are bringing us fish and chips to start off the holidays, and yanno, finishing this means I’m done with ‘chores’ for the day. 😉



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