Untold Riches!

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Z went over to his parents’ house to help with prep for tomorrow, and took the girls with him. His mother keeps an advent calendar for the girls over there, and sends them home with what they haven’t had when it comes to the end of advent. Which means they have a bag full of really nice chocolate that probably came from Marks & Spencers. I might well be trying to sneak a piece or two later, hee hee — if Z thinks that’s okay. I don’t want to upset the girls by delving into their stores.

But yeah, it was nice to have some time to myself in the house. I thought about going over with, but like… alone time and quiet. I’m hoarding what bits of it I can get here over the holidays. And with today, I was feeling a bit queasy and gross after eating lunch, so I figured it better to stay home and make sure that everything stayed put (it did).

For now, I am going to need to think about… doing nothing. Yessh.


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